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2) Video Lesson: YouTube High Score Music Theory Channel 

3) Online Reading: Sibelius Academy

4) Interactive Lesson:

Music Theory QuickThink: 

-          Sometimes a piece of music will start with an incomplete measure.

-          The incomplete measure is not counted as measure 1.  Rather, the first measure containing all beats in the time signature (through a combination of notes and/or rests) is marked as measure 1.

-          Notes contained in the initial incomplete measure are called the anacrusis, or sometimes called the pick-up notes.

-          Notes that appear as an anacrusis of an incomplete measure at the start of a piece are counted in a manner that assumes the missing rhythmic values are missing from the beginning of the measure. (ex. in 4/4 piece containing a 1 eighth note anacrusis; that eighth note falls on the & of 4)

Objective 1.22: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 1.22: Explain the concept of anacrusis, and identify anacrusis in notated music