Suggested Learning Resources


2) Video Lesson: YouTube OneMinuteMusicLesson Channel

3) Online Reading:MusicTheoryBlog

4) Interactive Lesson:  (adjust settings to alto clef) 

Music Theory QuickThink: 

-           The alto clef (symbol also called the c-clef) is drawn in a manner so that the shape of the clef comes together in the middle on the line that is third from the bottom of the staff

-          This shape designates that line as C4

-          The lines and spaces of the staff are named in relation to the 3rd line from the bottom being C4

-          The lines from the bottom up in alto clef are F3, A3, C4, E4, G4

-          The spaces from the bottom up in bass clef are G3, B3, D4, F4,

Objective 1.9: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 1.9: Identify a correctly drawn alto clef, and name the lines and spaces of the alto clef staff