Suggested Learning Resources


2) Video Lesson: YouTube ArtOfCounterpoint Lesson

3) Online Reading: Lesson

4) Interactive Lesson: Counterpoint Exercise

Music Theory QuickThink: 

-         Review Objectives 10.1 through 11.4

-         Use the rules and strength and weakness guidelines to write an acceptable counterpoint.

-          Sometimes it is helpful to write out all of the harmonic possibilities above each given cantus note (intervals of 3, 5, 6 and octaves). Note: be sure not to choose a diminished 5th


-          NOTE: Why are we learning counterpoint?  - Some Theory texts do not cover counterpoint in the Theory 1 scope and sequence. Advanced counterpoint study is often offered at University as an entire separate one or two semester following Theory 4.  We are learning the topic because

(Laitz's The Complete Musician covers 1st and 2nd species counterpoint, Francoli's Harmony in Context covers 1st through 4th species, and Clendinning's The Musician's Guide covers 1st through 5th.  Kostka's Tonal Harmony does not formally introduce counterpoint).  

Objective 11.5: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 11.5: Analyze and Notate counterpoint (in either the upper or lower voice) given a cantus firmus, following first species rules