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2) Video Lesson: YouTube MusicTheoryMadness Channel

3) Online Reading: Lesson

4) Interactive Lesson: 

Music Theory QuickThink: 

-          In second species counterpoint, embellishment notes appear as the second note in a measure.

-          Passing tones are approached by step and left by step in the same direction (all descending or all ascending)

-          Neighbor tones are approached by step and left by step, but in opposite directions (with the notes that precede and follow being the same notes)

-          Consonant skips that are approached and left by skip, and the embellishment note creates a consonant interval with the cantus firmus 

Objective 12.2: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 12.2: Define, Identify, label, and notate the following embellishments passing tones, neighbor tones (upper and lower), consonant skips