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-          Some theorists analyze sections of pieces with a ‘two-tiered’ method

-          The first tier is the literal accounting for the chords, usually with roman numerals.

-          The second tier is the functional analysis, which is usually a broader interpretation of function of a piece of music. 

-          I chords are most commonly associated with Tonic functional areas.

-          V chords are most commonly associated with Dominant functional areas.

-          Appearance of a I or V chord does not always mean change of functional area. For example, if there are three chords in a measure, and they quickly move from I to V64 to I .  since the V is “sandwiched” between the two I chords (also since the V chord is in second inversion, softening its harmonic function), the music may have not had enough time to establish a Dominant feel, thus the entire section would labeled as part of the Tonic area, or having a tonic function. (This concept is discussed further in later objectives when additional functional areas are introduced and 6/4 chords are discussed in detail).

Objective 18.2: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 18.2: Define, identify, and label Tonic area and Dominant area in terms of harmonic function