Suggested Learning Resources


2) Video Lesson: Predominant Chords Donald Sloan Channel

Bonus Video: Submediant Chord Dr. Gawboy Vimeo Channel

3) Online Reading: Songwriting Blog Gary Ewer 

4) Interactive Lesson: 

Music Theory QuickThink: 

-          VI chords share two pitches with I chords, and usually function in the tonic area

-          VI chords are sometimes called a tonic substitute

-          BONUS NOTE: If the 5th of a I chord changes to a 6th above the root for only a brief amount of time, this is often analyzed as I5------6  rather than   I  vi6

-          Just as vi is considered a tonic substitute, the ii chord is considered a IV substitute and usually serves in the PreDominant area

Objective 19.6: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 19.6: Define and identify the ii and vi as a predominant substitute and tonic substitute, respectively, in terms of function, and identify Tonic, Predominant, Dominant functions utilizing these chords (I, ii, IV, V, vi) in real music examples