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2) Video Lesson: Leading Tone Chords InMusicTheory Channel

3) Online Reading: Leading Tone Chord

4) Interactive Lesson: 

Music Theory QuickThink: 

-          The leading tone chord is another name for the vii chord.

-          The leading tone chord has a diminished quality in both major and minor keys

-          In minor keys, the 7th scale degree must be raised by one half step (to the leading tone) in order to create a leading tone chord with the diminished quality.

-          Leading tone chords can be used as dominant substitutes because the vii chord shares two pitches of the V chord

-          When asked what the leading tone chord is of a key, build a leading tone triad (or seventh chord) on the leading tone of the key. (make sure to raise the 7th scale degree of a minor key to determine the root)

-          NOTE: Although the iii chord also shares two pitches of the V chord, it does not usually serve as a dominant substitute. While the iii chord shares two pitches with the V chord, it also shares two pitches with the I chord… giving ambiguity to its function.  True III chords are not often seen except in harmonic sequences (discussed later) and a few other outlier scenarios. Bonus Video: The Mediant Chord, Dr. Gawboy Vimeo Channel

Objective 23.1: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 23.1: Define what a leading tone chord is, why it can be used as a dominant substitute, and identify leading tone chords of major and minor keys