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2) Video Lesson: Part Writing with Leading Tone Chords MusicTheory Madness Channel

3) Online Reading: Doubling

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Music Theory QuickThink: 

-          Leading tone chords often appear in first inversion

-          First inversion leading tones chords serves a ‘softer’ harmonic function than a V chord and the inversion ‘softens’ the diminished 5th interval that is present between the root and the 5th of a root position leading tone chord

-          A leading tone triad contains scale degrees 7(root), 2 (third), and 4(fifth)

-          As the leading tone chord usually appears in first inversion, the bass is most often doubled (the third of the chord)

-          You may also double the fifth of the chord, but be careful, as this is the 4th scale degree of the key and serves as a tendency tone when part of a V7 (the chordal seventh)

-          Do not double the root of the leading tone chord, which is the leading tone of the key.

Objective 23.2: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 23.2: Identify and notate correct doubling of leading tone triad chords