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2) Video Lesson: Motives in a Sequence Byron Weigel Channel

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Music Theory QuickThink: 

-          A sequence in music refers to a type of repeated pattern

-          There are several different types (categories) of sequences in music

-          A melodic sequence is one where a melodic motive, or subphrase, is presented, then that motive or subphrase is repeated at a consistent interval higher or lower than the original (usually a step)

-          Melodic sequences are most often found in sets of threes (1) original statement, (2) repeated up or down an interval, (3) repeated at the next level of the same interval

-          When analyzing a melodic sequence, we often name the "interval of transposition", which is the interval distance of starting pitch of each repeated pattern.

Objective 25.1: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 25.1: Define, identify, and label melodic sequence