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2) Video Lesson: Secondary Dominants Juke Box Channel

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Music Theory QuickThink: 

-          An applied chord is usually not one that appears in the key of the piece. (It needs an accidental)

-          An applied chord is analyzed as a chord ‘of’ a different key

-          An applied chord represents a very temporary modulation to another key (often for just one chord, and is not analyzed as a true modulation to another key because it does not remain in that key for a significant amount of time)

-          The secondary dominant chords is the most common type of applied chord

-          A secondary dominant is a V chord ‘of’ another key

-          A secondary dominant is label as V / (Roman Number within the original key that the V is based on)

-          Example  in the key of F major….   A G Major chord could be labeled  V / V  (meaning V ‘of’ C)

-          The following chord of an applied chord is the same as the chord that follow the slash

Objective 27.1: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 27.1: Define the terms "applied chord" and secondary dominant