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2) Video Lesson: Applied Chords V/V InMusicTheory Channel

3) Online Reading: Secondary Dominants

4) Interactive Lesson: 

Music Theory QuickThink: 

-          V/V chords should resolve to V of the key of the piece (or section)

-          V/V chords contain two tendency tones

-          One tendency tone is the 3rd of the chord (called a temporary tonic of the key being tonicized)

-          The other tendency tone is the chordal 7th of the V/V

-          Avoid doubling the temporary leading tone

-          The temporary leading tone resolves up by step

-          The chordal 7th resolves down by step

-          Use the previous rules for resolving V-I chords (including the rules for resolving root position V7 to root position I)

Objective 27.5: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 27.5: Notate resolutions of secondary dominant V/V chords with proper voice leading