Suggested Learning Resources


2) Video Lesson: Secondary Leading Tone Chords scordatura111 channel

Bonus Video: Applied Leading Tone Chords Dr. Gawboy Vimeo Channel

3) Online Reading: Secondary Dom and Leading Tone Chords

4) Interactive Lesson: Identify Secondary Leading Tone Chords

Music Theory QuickThink: 

-          Secondary leading tone chords in major keys other than vii/V can be vii/ii , vii/iii , vii/IV , vii/vi

-          Secondary leading tone chords in minor keys other than vii/V can be vii/III , vii/iv , vii/v , vii/V , vii/VI , vii/VII

-          Identify the key

-          Make note of the key being tonicized (to the right of the slash)

-          Find the leading tone chord of the tonicized key

-          Example   D Major, the vii/IV is an F# diminished chord

-          Example  G minor, the vii/VI is a D# diminished chord

Objective 29.5: Identify, Notate, and Label secondary leading tone chords other than vii/V in any key