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2) Video Lesson: Modal Mixture, MusicTheory for All , Sarah Bowman channel

3) Online Reading: Modal Mixture,

4) Interactive Lesson: 

Music Theory QuickThink: 

 -     Modal mixture chords are called “borrowed chords”

-     Borrowed chords are those using the chords from the key’s parallel key (including minor ‘v’ and the chord built on the subtonic of the parallel key, rather than the leading tone)

-     Example: F Major’s expected chords are (F, gm , am , Bb, C, dm, eb dim) (I, ii, iii, IV, V, vi, vii°)  F Major’s borrowed chord possibilities are those that are found in the parallel  key of F minor (fm, g dim, Ab, bbm , cm, Db, Eb) (I, ii°, III, iv, v, VI, VII)

Objective 35.1: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 35.1: Identify possible chords of modal mixture for any given major or minor key