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2) Video Lesson: The Neapolitan 6th chord, Jennifer Iverson channel,

3) Online Reading: The Neapolitan chord ,

4) Interactive Lesson: Neapolitan chord,

Bonus resource: Neapolitan sixth chords construction,

Music Theory QuickThink: 

-     Neapolitan Sixth is a chord in first inversion with Major quality, built on the “lowered second scale degree” as its root

-     The “Sixth” in the name Neapolitan Sixth refers to this chord appearing in first inversion

-     This chord often appears in Roman Numeral analysis as  bII6 or sometimes as N6

-     Neapolitan Sixth chords are sometimes called “Phrygian 6th”, because Phrygian modes have a lowered second scaled degree compared to major keys

-     Neapolitan Sixth chords serve a predominant function, thus are usually followed by a dominant functioning chord

-     Example , N6 of D major is an Eb Major Triad in first inversion

-     NOTE: While the Neapolitan chord most often appears in first inversion (we this is the most common way to talk about the topic), the chord can appear in any position.  A Neapolitan chord that appears in root position would be labeled N, rather than N6.

Objective 36.1: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 36.1: Define and build Neapolitan Sixth chords for any key