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2) Video Lesson: Augmented 6th Chords, Jennifer Iverson channel

3) Online Reading: Italian Augmented 6th,

4) Interactive Lesson: 

Music Theory QuickThink: 

-          Augmented sixth chords contain the interval of an augmented sixth (usually above the bass)

-          The augmented sixth is formed by the lowered sixth scaled degree, b6, and the raised fourth scale degree, #4

-          Using moveable do sol fege, these degrees are referred to as ‘le’ and ‘fi’ 

-          NOTE: b6 and le do not mean to lower the 6th scale degree, but rather to ‘le’ in relationship to ‘do’ (if you are in a minor key, the 6th scaled degree of the natural minor scale is already ‘le’)

-          The Italian augmented-sixth chord is a triad involving the pitches ‘le’, ‘fi’ and ‘do’

-          - Italian augmented-sixth chords are often marked as   It6

-          It6 chords serve a predominant function, thus are usually followed by a dominant functioning chord

-          ‘Do’ is usually doubled in an It6 chord

-          Example, key of ‘a minor’ , It6 = F, D#, A  (F in the bass) 

Objective 36.4: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 36.4: Define and build Italian Augmented Sixth chords for any key