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2) Video Lesson: Piano Chord, 6th chords , Duane Shinn Channel

3) Online Reading: Ninth Chord

Added Sixth Chord,

4) Interactive Lesson: 

Music Theory QuickThink: 

-          Adding notes to chords, beyond 7ths, is called ‘chord extensions’

-          Labeling chord extensions can be tricky, because there is no one universal standard.  (See chart below)

-          The most common chord extensions are the ‘added 6th’ and the ‘added 9th

-          When including a note that is a 6th above the root of a chord, this is called an “added 6th”

-          Sometimes a 6th is present instead of the 5th of the chord... in this case it can be called a sub6 (substitute 6th)

-          Added 6ths do not refer to inversion position of the chord

-          Regardless of the quality of the triad or seventh, the added 6th is usually a major 6th with the root

-          Regardless of the quality of the triad or seventh, the added 9th is usually a major 9th with the root (unless part of a dominant 7th chord, in which the 9th could be a minor 9th) , NOTE: The 9th does not have the be notated a 9th above the root.  For example it is often notated as a 2nd above the root.

-          There are several different ways to notate chord extensions using Jazz symbol labeling… review the chart below. The one we will use in quizzes is highlighted in red.



Amaj6, Ama6, AM6, A add6, AΔ6,A6

A major triad + Major 6th interval

Amin6, Ami6, Am6, A-6, Am add6, Am+6

A minor triad + Major 6th interval

Amaj 9/6, Ama 9/6, AM9/6 , AΔ9/6, A 9/6

A major triad + Major 6th interval + Major 9th interval

Amin 9/6, Ami 9/6, Am 9/6, A-9/6, a 9/6

A minor triad + Major 6th interval + Major 9th interval

Amaj9, Ama9, AM9, AΔ9

A MajorMajor 7th chord + Major 9th interval

Amin9, Ami9, Am9, a9,a-9

A minor-minor 7th chord + Major 9th interval


A Major-minor 7th chord + minor 9th interval


A Major-minor 7th chord + Major 9th

Objective 39.2: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 39.2: Identify, Notate, added 6th and/or ninth chord qualities using Chord Symbol/Jazz labels