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2) Video Lesson: Blues scale and more , Lypur channel

3) Online Reading: Blues Scale, How Music Works 

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-          NOTE: There are several different forms of the blues scale that you may come across in your research.  The one presented here is more specifically known as the"Minor Blues Scale"

-          A blues scale differs from major, minor, and modal scales as it does not contain every letter name of the musical alphabet

-          Interval pattern of an ascending blues scale is m3, W, H, H, m3, W

-          Moveable Do Sol fege syllables of an ascending blues scale scale are Do, me, fa, fi, sol te do   (Example, C, Eb, F, F#, G, Bb, C)

-          Moveable Do Sol fege syllables of a descending blues scale Do, te, sol, se, fa, me, do  (Example, C, Bb, G, Gb, F, Eb, C)

-          Scale degree pitches are 1, b3, 4, #4, 5, b7, 1 (ascending) or 1, b7, 5, b5, 4, b3, 1 (descending)  NOTE: The raised and lowered scaled degrees are based off of the major scale of the tonic pitch.

Objective 40.1: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 40.1: Correctly notate the Blues Scales, ascending and descending, starting on any pitch