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Music Theory QuickThink:

- Analyze the set’s ordered pitch intervals (number of half steps between notes, also indicating direction)

- Choose a beginning pitch for your inverted set

- Notate the remaining pitches using the ordered pitch-interval sequence, but with the direction of each sign reversed.

- Example an ordered pitch interval set of +2, +2, -1, +2  is inverted to -2, -2, +1, -2

- Example: Let's find the inversion of the ordered-pitch-set music example

- First: calculate the intervals between each pitch in the set ... +7 -1 +7

- Second: change the direction of the pluses and minuses ... -7 +1 -7

- Third: determine the starting pitch (same as the original pitch).  Using integer notation in this example, the starting pitch is 5

- Fourth: apply the inverted intervals to obtain the other pitches.  The full inversion in integer notation is <5,t,e,4> 

Objective 51.1: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 51.1: Calculate the inversion of an ordered pitch-set