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Music Theory QuickThink:

Set-Class-Labels come from Allen Forte’s Set-Class List.

-          Allen Forte provided labels (which are two numbers connected with a dash)

-          The prime form of a Set-Class is often written with the Set-Class-Label on Allen Forte's List (by definition, all pitch-class-sets within the Set-Class have the same Interval-Class-Vector, so the vector is often listed as well) 

-          Set-Classes are grouped together on the list with the same number of elements. (This number is called their cardinality)

-          The first number of a Set-Class-Label is pitch-class-set's cardinality.

-          The second number orders the labels by Interval Class Vector. (The second number is given by Forte, but represents its position on the list.  (4-34 has 4 elements and it appears 34th on the list)

- You can use the Allen Forte ‘table’ when analyzing atonal music.

- First identify a musical segment within the atonal work

- find the prime form of the segment.

- Look up the set-class label from the Forte table.

Objective 54.3: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 54.3: Read and locate set-class-labels from Allen-Forte's set-class list