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2) Video Lesson: The Matrix J Flinn channel

3) Online Reading: Creating a 12 tone Matrix

4) Interactive Lesson: 

Music Theory QuickThink:

To construct a Row Matrix

- (1) Determine the Prime Form of the row. (Remember Prime Form in this case is a specific order of pitches as they first appear melodically in the piece)

- (2) Transpose the Prime Form of the row so that the first pitch is 0.  Write the resulting row horizontally across the top.  

- (3) Write the Inversion Form that starts with 0 vertically down the first column of the matrix.  Determine the pitches by taking the inverse integer from the Prime Row.  (The two integers will add to 12)

- (4) Now write all transposed Prime Forms of the row horizontally using the pitch in the first column as the starting pitch, and transpose the rest of the number accordingly

- As a result, you will see all Prime Forms reading the matrix from left to right.  You will see all Retrogrades by reading the matrix from right to left.  You will see all inversions by reading the rows from top to bottom.  You will see all Retrograde-Inversions by reading the chart from bottom to top. 

Objective 57.2: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 57.2: Construct a Row Matrix given a 12 tone row