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Music Theory QuickThink:

- Minimalism is an art genre found in many mediums (painting, sculpture, music, etc) where a minimum of elements comprise the makeup of the art.  This can pertain to number of musicians, number of instruments, number of notes, dynamics, etc... It often involves a great deal of repetition of pitches when found in music.

- Moment Form often describes a 'non-goal-oriented' composition that involves abrupt changes from one style of music to another.  There is no need to make musical connection or logical connection between the sections.  

- Chance Music describes music which has elements of random procedure involved in the composition and/or performance of the piece. An example might be incorporating a radio as an instrument in a music work, where the dial changes, and the resulting sound is dependent on the channel and time of day.

Objective 59.3: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 59.3: Define and identify minimalism, moment form, and chance music in real music examples