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2) Video Lesson: YouTube PatDavidMusic Channel

3) Online Reading: SeventhChord Table at Wikipedia

4) Interactive Lesson:

Music Theory QuickThink: 

-          This course uses the Two-Quality-Name system to identify 7th chords, but many interactive exercises online use common abbreviated names for these chords.  We want you to know how they compare.

-          "Major 7th" commonly refers to a Major Major 7th chord

-          "Dominant 7th" is a commonly used name to refer to a Major minor 7th chord

-          "Minor 7th" commonly refers to minor minor 7th chord

-          "Half Diminished 7th" commonly refers to a diminished minor 7th chord (marked with a small circle with a slash through it)

-          "Fully Diminished 7th" and "Diminished 7th" commonly refer to a diminished diminished 7th chord

Objective 8.2: Examples in Music: YouTube

Objective 8.2: Match the commonly used 7th chord names to the two-quality-name-seventh-chord terms.