Text Neutral Music Theory

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Text-Neutral Music Theory is a series of specific objectives spanning the scope of undergraduate Music Theory 1, 2, 3, and 4 courses. It is designed to (1) clearly state what the student is to learn and (2) provide the tools to learn the objectives.

Text-Neutral means a student may use any resource that meets their desired learning style and budget.  Some may prefer a published text. Some prefer suggested online reading, videos, activities, or their own internet searches.  Text-Neutral Music Theory includes barebones bullet-point explanations (QuickThinks), but you should explore other learning resources for in-depth knowledge. Whatever your preferred method, we believe if you know what are to learn, you can figure it out (YFIO).

The web-version of Text-Neutral Music Theory is intended as a reference for our college theory students who no longer have access to course content.  It includes objectives, quickthinks, and suggested learning resources, but does not include self-assessments or quizzes that are part of our college course.

Others are free to use the content as they wish, and if you find great online resources for specific objectives, please feel free to share.